Friday, February 9, 2007

Privacy Fence In Progress

Our privacy fence is being installed. It's almost done! I'm so excited. Here's some pics to show you the progress.

Here is what our backyard looked like before. Notice the rickity old fence on the right and no fence next to the left of the garage. Here is the new fence. It's not quite finished, but what a change!
Here's another view.
Here's where the gate will go on the side of the house-access from the front yard.

Here's where the gate will go in the back of the yard, next to the garage-access from the alley.


  1. That looks great. Who is installing your fence? As you know, our privacy fence is very rickety... so rickety, in fact, that the dogs keep themselves occupied by tearing it up even more.

  2. Lannis Fence Co. is doing it. They were cheaper than the other estimates we got. So far they've done a good job, so we'll see.