Monday, February 19, 2007

Kitchen Design

We went to Home Depot to sit down with Sabrina, our kitchen designer, this weekend. We were there for about two hours! Here is what we came up with. We haven't officially ordered it yet, but plan to do so in the next few days.

Here is a view of the kitchen you would get sitting at the island. It's huge, 9ft long! Here is another view. This would be standing between the island and these cabinets, facing away from the island. The fridge is on the left. We bumped the sink cabinets out and added decorative feet. The dishwasher is to the right of the sink. The pantry is on the right. The two cabinets above the sink will be glass fronts.

Here is the view you would get standing between the cabinets and the island, facing the island. We had the microwave built into this. The stove will be a slide-in and gas. We plan to have all the appliances stainless steel. The drawers to the left of the stove will be deep pots & pans drawers.

Here is the style of cabinet we chose. The main cabinets will be maple, the island will be cherry.
Here is the color we chose for the main cabinets. It has a vanilla bean glaze.

Here is the island cabinet color. It's peppercorn.

Here are the granite countertop choices we narrowed it down to. Which one do you like? Please leave a comment.


  1. the one on the will look great with the rest of the house and with both cabinets...also, lori (bens wife) says the one on the right.
    Cate...give Little G a kiss from me!

  2. I vote for the one on the left. It won't show "stuff" as much as the darker one.

    Just call me the mother of all "stuff."


  3. Since you have light cabinets and a vast space, the contrast of the darker granite will bring out the stainless steel. The left one would make a good floor/area rug pattern (for not showing dirt) ;)

  4. I think the picture does not do the light colored sample justice and the dark one looks lighter than it does in real life! I think you should go with mema on this one but you already knew that!


  5. I love the cabinet choices. What will the floor be?
    I'd go with the darker granite for its warmth. They are both beautiful but I find that earth tones are timeless. I would be afraid of the lighter one looking dated in a few years. Also remember that granite can stain. I think the darker tone would be more forgiving with staining.

  6. I like the one on the left. As Judith said, won't show stuff. Are you considering a honed rather than shiny finish? That's what I'd go for because of water spots. Gayla ... your mom's friend.

  7. Jennifer said to say the lighter one but I like the darker one. Sorry Jen!
    Jen's Mom..Sandy

  8. Well here are the comments from your Oak Street neighbors. We have found the dark granite with a cherry-toned cabinet and stainless steel appliances to be fresh and now. We love that look.

    By adding the vanilla bean glaze to the mix (which is beautiful in the picture) the lighter granite might be a unifying color/texture in the design.

    You've narrowed down two perfect choices. Whatever you choose we look forward to many potluck dinners. We've got lots of recipes to fix and bring!

    Mark and Bill