Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cutting Trees

This weekend Taylor focused on cutting branches out of the way so our privacy fence can be installed...and just general tree trimming. So, these pictures show him on top of the garage and using his chainsaw/tree trimming attachment to his weed wacker!


  1. That doesn't look safe at all! Poor Taylor:-) Hey, but at least the trees were trimmed and he made it down safely without skidding off the roof.

  2. That clinbing around on the garage looked like fun. Maybe almost as enjoyable as crawling around under the house last weekend. Anyway, I'm real sorry I wasn't there to participate in these activities. Please save some dangerous/dirty jobs for the Summer.

  3. can get the dead ivy off of the house!!!

  4. Don't you dare let your dad up on a roof. Or under the house either for that matter.....and for that matter, where's YOUR helmet and eye-protection???? Some role must take after your dad in that department.

    The REAL judithuk2002 AKA "Mom"