Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's Up With Ruby?

She's playing in her tunnel!
Making messes! Yes, that's Trix cereal. She got into a box when we weren't looking.

Eating spaghetti for the 1st time!

More spaghetti!
...and more spaghetti!

That's my Ruby update!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilt-Along the Road to Spring

I made my first quilt for my friend's baby who was born last summer.

Needless to say, I fell in *love* with quilting. However, I've been so busy, I haven't picked up another quilting project. However, I just came across i have to say...'s blog. On it is a great project she calls Quilt-Along the Road to Spring. It starts tomorrow, Monday, January 25. I think I'm going to do it!

I'll keep you updated on my progress. Anyone else want to do it???

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: It's a New Year!

Hello again. I know it's been forever since I've updated this blog and I want to back into the swing of things. So first, an update.

Last I talked with you I had just had my baby girl Ruby and Graham had turned 3!

Here was her first bath!

Ruby with the Easter Bunny!
Summer came and went!
4th of July!
Graham started Pre-school!

We celebrated World Breastfeeding Week in September!

Graham was an Astronaut for Halloween!
Thanks to Mema's sweet sewing skills!

Ruby was a flower.
Thanks to Grandma's sweet clearance shopping skills!

Ruby celebrated her first Christmas!

Graham loved all his presents, especially his BIG WHEEL!

The New Year came and so did the snow.

Ruby loved it!

Aren't they cute!

So that's it in a nutshell! We didn't do anything on the house! Yikes! Hopefully this year we'll get more done! See you soon!