Sunday, January 7, 2007

A few updates

We're working hard to get this place liveable. Also, we decided to make the front room the living room after all and just have the middle room as the playroom temporarily and down the road make it the dining room.

Here is the front room/living room. We put up new curtains. Thanks to Taylor's parents. They really look great! It's not easy to find 108" length curtains!

Here is the middleroom. Same curtains!

Here is our bedroom...still messy. But notice the new curtains. They're short right now, but hopefully when Judi comes into town, she can sew a panel onto the bottom and they'll look great!

Here is a picture of our air vents before:



  1. How about some love for your freaking movers? Damn! Can't even get a blog for moving day. My next b-day... you're screwed.

  2.'re right. Props to all our friends who came out to help us move. We couldn't have done it without you! A special help to TSL, who helped move on his b-day. What a great friend!!!!!

  3. How about a new year's eve pic of TSL? Give me some love babaayyy!

  4. Kim, the house looks great!! Can't wait to seee those curtains/drapes in person!