Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vintage Bathroom Day 1 - demolition

This is so exciting. We're (Taylor is) remodeling the downstairs bathroom. Finally! He has 2 weeks off, so let's hope we get a lot done! Day 1 is demo, yikes! The plumbing is really bad, so Taylor had to rip up the floor to bust up the pipe and put a new one in. I can't wait until this part is over and the fun part begins...tile! We picked out some great stuff. Black & white hex for the floor, white subway tiles for the wall, and either black & white or black & silver damask wallpaper for the top of the wall. We're salvaging a vintage clawfoot tub and we were going to try to salvage the vintage pedestal sink we already had, but the plumbing is bad and the whole for the faucet is huge, so we might have to get new one with a vintage-look.

Here is the before bathroom.
Here is a picture of the floor we're getting!
Here's a picture of the sort of general look. The black & white floor with white walls and black & white wall paper on top. We'll hopefully paint the outside of the tub black and have silver feet!
Here's the style of sink I think I'll get. I also love the mirror!
OK. Here it is. No floor!!!

Here is the pipe for the toilet. More pipe stuff.
This floor joist fell when Taylor took up the last floor board. Freak!
More pipes.
and....more pipes.


  1. OK, no... more... lurking...!

    You are certainly intrepid rehabbers! Love your house -- it's so exciting to see your progress. We have always been huge fans of anyone willing to save an old house, and it's so great to see yours being restored so beautifully!

  2. Hi, you folks. I'm a friend of your mom and dad. Your project looks very ambitious. We're spiffing up our upstairs bathroom and will also use subway tile for the tub surround. Keep up the good work and don't let the bad plumbing scare you off.