Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hi guys. I know it's been forever since I've updated this blog. SORRY! I'll try to be better. So, the hallway is the main thing we've accomplished. We repainted it a nice tan color called earthy cane and put up new light fixtures. Here's some pics. I also threw in a picture of the glass piece I created at Glassworks walk-in-workshop. I actually cut the glass myself. I'm so proud of it!

First, here is the hallway with the red color we painted when we first moved in.

Here's what it looked like when we first moved in.

Here's the random glass piece I did! :)

This is modern track lighting that is on the 2nd floor ceiling.

This is a modern glass art sconce white with black (it's hard to see in the picture) at the top of the stairs.

Here is the view from the back of the hallway.

Here is the view from the front door.

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  1. Yea! New pictures! It looks great - of course! You should put some old pics up of the hallway if you have them.