Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is going on!!!

By now, you would think we'd be in our new house. Unfortunately, due to the new housing assesment rules/laws, we are in limbo. The house on Coral that we have been trying to buy for three months now, is no closer to being ours than the day we toured it.

We've already been through one loan process and the appraisal came in really low; way too low for the neighborhood. We tried appealing it, but the appeal process is a joke and it just goes back to the appraiser. Like he's going to say, "You're right, I did an awful job!"

So, the next step was to start the loan process all over again with a new company in order to get a new appraisal. (Apparently, the first company would only use the 1st appraisal, so doing another one with them was pointless.) So, we went through the loan approval process and have been waiting on the appraisal to come back for two weeks. Every day we get a little hope when we're told they expect it back today, but alas it doesn't come. So we wait to find out how our lives will change!

In the meantime, we close on the S. First St. house tomorrow at 10 a.m. The new owners are only letting us stay here until Jan. 1. So, between Christmas and New Year's taking up both weekends, we are supposed to find time to move. Not to mention, Taylor is a groomsman in a wedding for New Year's Eve in Indy. What the hell!!!!!

The only silver lining is that we have "The Condo" to move into as a temporary home. This is Taylor's parents Louisville place. They live full-time in Owensboro and only use "the condo" when they come to visit. We are so grateful!

The next few days should hopefully unfold a lot of information and we will be a little more clear about where we will be living long-term. Off to bed to dream of miracles!

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