Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nursery Ready To Decorate!

Here is the finished chandelier. I painted a vintage brass & white chandelier (or rather had my Dad & Taylor paint it!). I picked it out because of the flower details under each light. I made the pink scroll cord cover and hung crystals on it.

Here are the two pictures I got from Brittany and Jen S., respectively, at my baby shower. I am going to use them as inspiration to pick fabric etc... Cute huh!

Here is a picture of the armoire we got off of craigslist. I bought some cute knobs to replace the boring white ones. I just need to put them on. We needed this because there is no closet in this room...I mean NO closet!

Here's the crib we got because our other one was recalled. Thank goodness we didn't have to buy a new one. It's just like my other one except white. I like the vintage look. Now I just need to buy a mattress...oh yeah, and make the crib skirt.

I was thinking about putting this side table in there, if it fits. I may or may not change the crown knobs. What do you think?


  1. I love it! Pink or not.
    The armoir is perfect. Leave the "crown" knobs on, my little granddaughter IS a "Princess" after all....

    ...does this mean that room will finally get curtains?

  2. Mema: I promise I'll get curtains in that room!

  3. LOOOVVEE it, can't wait to see it in person.

  4. The room is so pretty!! Fit for a little princess!!!! I also think you should leave the crown knobs on!! She she will love it when she gets older!!!