Thursday, January 1, 2009

The nursery gets drywall!

It's the first day of 2009 and Chuck and Taylor didn't waste any time. They started drywalling the nursery ceiling today! Yay! Hopefully it'll be ready for paint by next week. Shabby chic we come!

Chuck said he has allergies...I think he just likes the mask?
It's almost finished! Taylor said today he might do picture rail where the new drywall seam is on the wall. I think that would be awesome. Stay tuned...
Oh, before I go, I need your imput in the light fixture. I want to do the total shabby chic, girly thing and do a chandelier. Taylor says we should be practical and put up a ceiling fan. What should we do?


  1. Soooo, what was on the walls before? And where was that vintage wallpaper hiding?

    I guess I'd have to vote for the ceiling fan just because you'll need a fan and a floor or table model would not be safe in a childs room.

  2. wow, you guys are doing such a great job. I will try and send pictures of the back where John has been working. I don't let him in the house anymore before the holidays. Keep in touch.
    I like the chandelier idea for a girl's bedroom, maybe you could find a nice light fixture on a fan. Fans are more practical, but....

  3. Mema: There was either nothing or a crumbling plaster on the walls before. It's everything above the drop ceiling. The vintage wallpaper was most likely there when it was apartments and that room was the kitchen...before the entire room was drywalled over?

  4. Hi Kim, I tried posting but it didn't show up, so I am trying it again. I say go all out for the shabby chic and get the chandelier. As a toddler, she will probably think it is very pretty. You know a lot of little girls are into the whole princess thing too! Good Luck!
    Anna M.

  5. Kim, I vote for the chandelier!!! GO all out and make it a totally girlie girl room!!!