Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Upstairs guest bedroom windows

When the window restorers (who by the way are incredibly slow) took out the windows from the upstairs guest bedroom to work on them in their workshop, they realized there were no headers. The windows were holding up our walls. That night some of the bricks (our wall is only made of bricks, 4 bricks wide) fell out. So, not only did Taylor have to build and install new headers, he had to rebrick and mortar the walls above the windows. Fun, fun!

On a side note, our window frames and trim are in, but the sashes (the glass part) isn't. The window openings are just covered in plastic. It's so nice to know the only thing stopping a burglar, the wind, and the rain is thin plastic! The boards that are in the picture below are gone...it's just plastic covering them now.

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